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in mlyangi. >> stock tock closed down over there six percent. >> u.s. naval forces are moving away from japan over fears of troops exposed to dangerous radiation particularly on the uss regan. >> rescue relief remains top priority but thousands of people are evacuated near the fukushima nuclear plant. if you look at it. second hydrogen explosion to rock the plant and the massive cloud of smoke is carrying radioactive conitalination and that is a concern for the u.s. naval ship providing humanitarian assistance. that affects uss ronald reagan a hundred miles from the plant. they detected low levels of radiation and prompted the ship to move further out to sea. in fact, the commander of the fleet. vice admiral, reveals that the ships are being temporarily repositioned and aircraft away from the fukushima dutch nuclear plant. it goes on to report that sensative units were conducted. 17 crew members were exposed to low level activity in the mission and the radio activity was removed from the affected crew by washing with soap and water and no further contamination was detected so far. >> so what
had help from the u.s. military. radiation leveled have sored around the complex. japanese authorities told people to seal doors and winnows and stay in home and avoid going out at all. japanese prime minister said radiation is released from the three reactors from the nuclear plant and a high risk of more radiation coming out. reactors are over heat raising the risk. japan has imposed a no fly zone over the plant. high levels of radiation in tokyo and now reportedly dropping. but just outside of tokyo there are above the normal level by 10 times. back to you in the studio. >> martha: thank you for much. david piper reporting there. >> brian: it has raised levels outside in the province. that is the kyoto news reporting that as we started the show. >> steve: some spots the radiation is 400 times higher than what a person should be exposed to in a year. the pictures are heart breaking. we'll look at the reactors that have gone hay wire. reactor one an explosion on saturday . reactor two, an exposure . reactor two yesterday. 90 percent of the core uncovered . the reactor caught fire toda
. the japanese government nevertheless have no plan to expand the 12 mile exclusion zone. the u.s. ambassador to japan said the situation is deteriorating and warned citizens to leave the area or remain indoors. the state department said the u.s. government has chartered aircraft to help americans leave japan. we are also understand that any american citizen that has no money they can get a flight out from hanita airport and that allows them to get out of the country and they can pay back the u.s. government earlier. a lot of concern amongst the japanese people of what is going on. there is fingerprintic buying of goods. but at this time the sensor and what people are watching is over the next 48 hours of what will happen to the nuclear plant north of here. >> brian: take precautions yourself. it there is a lot more to the story. >> steve: where do you start? we'll talk about what we are discovering. the united states government as david piper remending 50 miles from the plant to get out. you are not safe . the japanese government said 12 miles. yesterday they talked to jay carny. >> the advi
can you pass an american citizenship test? >> who is current u.s. vice president? >> current u.s. vice president, isn't it condaleeza rice? >> oh, boy. is that right or wrong? i'll keep it going. we'll find out what people know and don't know about our own government. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> all right. good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. muammar qaddafi is fighting back this morning. qaddafi's forces are striking back in libya. they're pounding rebel held towns with heavy shelling. residents in the town say there are casualties including four children and this comes as the coalition tries to extend the no-fly zone to tripoli. fox's steve harrigan has more from libya's capital. >> a third night of attacks here in the libyan capital. several loud explosions off about one mile from where i'm standing near the direction of colonel qaddafi's compound which has been targeted as a command and control center for the regime. those explosions followed up immediately by anti-aircraft fire here from several points around that compound, those red tracer bul
traffic control procedures. u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood calling for at least two air traffic controllers now to man overnight shifts. this after a controller at d.c.'s reagan national airport reportedly fell asleep and two planes couldn't get in touch with the tower after mid night just trying to land. both had to go in for a landing on their own. toes your headlines. >> five hour energy ran out and two planes had to do their own thing. >> i'm sure nothing's down there on the runway. let's cross our fingers. let's talk a little bit about what's going on right now. in libya, new video just in, one of qaddafi's bases reportedly destroyed by u.s. coalition air strikes. look at these pictures, showing a flaming wreckage overnight and qaddafi's compound in tripoli also reportedly targeted again and was struck. the commander of britain's royal air force says libya's air force no longer exists. >> so now that we also have an exclusive story that came to us, i think james rosen and jennifer griffin working on this together. essentially, there might be some break as we try to find o
of america has done what we said we would do. >> ok. so last night, he was talking about my leadership. u.s. led. go back 10 days ago, we didn't hear that. listen to this montage. >> in this effort, the united states is prepared to act as part of an international coalition. american leadership is essential. but that does not mean acting alone. in this effort, the united states is acting with a broad coalition. make no mistake, today we are part of a broad coalition. our goal is focused. our cause is just. and our coalition is strong. >> well, so that's the president as he evolved into this position and i think one of the many columnists who looked to the speech and analyzed the speech and said it best, this is a good speech if he said it 11 days ago, he would have quieted 95% of the critics. i would have found a way to give the secretary of state some credit. >> no kidding. she got him into this thing. >> it's amazing how much stuff you can do if you don't mind who gets the credit. that would have been a perfect time with hillary clinton leading -- secretary of state hillary clinton leadi
to be qaddafi's presidential compound. still, both the brits and the u.s. military leaders say qaddafi is not the target of this mission. >> this is not about going -- going after qaddafi himself or attacking him at this particular point in time. it's about achieving these narrow and relatively limited objectives so that he stops killing his people and so humanitarian support can be provided. >> still, certainly it is sys m symbolic to the libyan leader can hit his home. our defense secretary says the u.s. role in this effort should begin to diminish. >> we expect that in a matter of days to be able to turn over the primary responsibility to others. we will continue to support the coalition. we will be a member of the coalition. we will have a military role in the coalition. but we will not have the pre-eminent role. >> admiral mullin says that support role will include intelligence support, jamming capabilities and assistance with the overall mission and the no-fly zone. back to you guys in new york. >> thanks for setting the table. john kerry, seniator sessions, admiral mullin, e
for a tsunami after the major earthquake in japan. a tsunami warning has been issued for much of the u.s. west coast. the first wave is expected to hit there at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. that time has shifted. anita vogel is live for us in los angeles with the latest on that. originally they were saying that the first tsunami wave if it's going to hit hawaii, that it would hit the island of kawaii first and 8:00 a.m. eastern time. time has changed? >> i guess so, gretchen, if that's what you're hearing. i was under the impression the first wave would hit at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. if they're watching this wave come across the ocean, the time could be shifting. it's hard to believe that something has happened a world away from us could have an effect on us on the west coast. as we've learned over the past couple of hours, tsunami warnings and advisories have been expanded to include most of the west coast of the united states but not washington. this after that massive earthquake in japan has left 32 people dead so far. now, the tsunami warning center says the warning is in effect for parts of
of shortage of car parts coming from japan. >> brian: so much coming, the yap jap asked the u.s. for help in getting the nuclear power plant under control as designed by general electric. david piper has the latest on that part of the story, david? >>reporter: yes, good morning. there is a massive military effort to help the japanese people. over50,000 members of the military are involved in this operationn. in the kyoto air base where i am standing now. supplis and help pushing up the jap nose military in the area. flying them nup the sendai airport in planes . also in the nuclear site, there is a lot of american help. we understand that water pumps are coming from the states and they are trying to get them in to the plant at this time. when they get the power back on there, they are lage down the power cable x. the water pumps will help cool the reactors. massive effort here and a strain on the u.s. military. we are speaking to the number of the japanese people they want to say thank you to the states back to you. >> brian: that is heartening, david. we have something else to talk about
, fest snag in the no-fly zone. a u.s. jet fighter, f-15 crashed due to technical reasons just outside of the rebel stronghold of benghazi. it crashed in the feel. both crew members able to eject. both crew members safely out of the country. right now, qaddafi forces are dug in and according to the admiral in charge of coalition forces, they are attacking civilians that violates the u.n. security council resolution. this will be the first major test in an urban environment of how air power can help remove dug in government forces. in tripoli, libya, steve harrigan, fox news. >> thanks very much. just touched on the most important thing right now and that is the guys are driving around and killing people on the street. that people in tripoli say what we really need here is a no drive zone. >> that's what senator john mccain asked for. you have to ask yourself this. the minute we said there's going to be some action and we're going to do it to protect the libyan people. we find out that the libyan forces went right into the second biggest city that the rebels held so they start wiping th
's interesting is here you've got these two republican politicians show up. one a state senator. one a u.s. congressman and they're there to talk about things and talk about what's going on and ultimately, these leftie interrupters shut down the debate. actually, there was no debate. they shut down all conversations. >> the problem was they had been given ground rules before. that's the point here that everyone sort of agreed that, hey, let's just let this meeting go forward and we can do our protests afterwards but some people didn't follow the rules. >> let's talk about etiquette because there's a lot of etiquette problems with this country. i think it's about time we addressed it. for example, when it comes to the workplace, there's an annoyance things upon further review have to be eliminated. >> indeed, the recruiting firm robert haft looked at things. this is the things that people do at work. the reason they bring them out is a lot of them could actually impact your career so these are some of the -- >> and they're fun to talk about, steve! >> some of the most annoying things that
of a nuclear physicists chain reaction. they are looking for more u.s. military help to contain the fires. prime minister naoto kan urged people 20 mile raduous of the plant to at a indoors. we are on the outskirts of japan and there is a massive military relief on the way to help the survivors. >> brian: you can see david piper doings a great job. it was snowing last night. some people say 13 inches of snow. if you are in the region and running out of food and water and the word is stay in your house and seal the windows. who will feed you and get you supplies. you have to wonder if people cannot get back in there and is it time to put sand bag and concrete to entomb. >> steve: if these are the local headlines. japanese nuke cloud . panic would you want to leave your house? >> brian: you might want to get out of the country which a lot of people are doing. >> martha: hunker down and block off your house and there is such fuel water and power short annuals and everything is out in the houses make a tough place to stay . every day we are bringing you shocking photos really that bring owl o
. medical care, inpatient and outpatient stuff would continue, would not be shut down. the u.s. postal service apparently would continue to operate on some sort of a schedule and the u.s. mint would continue to strike points. >> goodie too shoes, we continue to waste money instead of cutting down on spending. other things that wouldn't shut down, federal prison guards, air traffic controllers would be on the job and anything to do with national security would still be on the job. >> all right. let's talk a little bit about scott walker. he, of course, is the governor of wisconsin. we'll tell you how he was on the job yesterday. let's do it right now. yesterday, he presented his $52.2 billion budget to the people in wisconsin and he's in a tough spot because right now, wisconsin has a $3.5 billion budget hole so what he's proposing is he's going to reduce the amount of money he sends to local governments plus he's going to reduce the amount of money they send to school districts but at the same time that he makes the cuts in education, statewide he's going to increase voucher programs.
even though libya is not vital to u.s. interests? that's the question. joining us now, dick morris, former advisor to president clinton and the author of the new book "revolt." all right. that's the question for you. >> well, i think that -- i wrote this in a column on my web site this guy is playing checkers when he should be playing chess. he's moving the pieces one at a time without thinking five moves down the road. so ok, we're intervening from the air to protect civilians from mass slaughter. all right, that's good right now. now, what happens if we can't get rid of qaddafi and he continues to slaughter the people? you're going to send in ground troops or just say, ok, now we'll turn a blind eye. let's say we get rid of qaddafi and then an iraq style civil war breaks out where his cronies and political party goes underground challenging the rebels with ongoing terrorist tactics like happened in iraq. are we going to turn a blind eye to that? at what point do you disengage. at what point do the libyan rebels take over and turn out to be heavily infiltrated by a
to discuss that throughout the morning. couple of quick headlines for you. murders of two u.s. airmen in germany likely an act of islamic extremism. a 21-year-old muslim man opened fire on a bus outside an airport in frankfurt. the suspect reportedly cried out "god is good" in arabic before the attack. authorities in the u.s. agreed the attack was likely an act of terror. one lawmaker comparing the shooting to the kind of lone wolf attack at fort hood. >> what we're seeing is the utilization not of the grand scheme that was done in 2001 at the world trade center but things that are carried out by individuals who use targets. >> german authorities now questioning that suspect. in the meantime, air force chief of staff general norton schwartz issued a statement before the attack overnight saying "our deepest sympathy and sincerest condolences go out to the family, friends and teammates of those airmen killed and wounded in the shooting. this loss is felt across our entire service." now, a fox news alert. more air strikes in libya today. libyan war planes sent by muammar qaddafi attacks
. he disappeared in iran four years ago but now u.s. officials have proof that retired f.b.i. agent robert levinson is alive. he reportedly is being held somewhere in southwest asia and efforts are under way to free him. iran has repeatedly denied knowing anything about the case. the 62-year-old father of seven went to iran to investigate cigarette smuggling. half-hour ago, nasa launched a rocket. its name is glory. but houston, there may be a problem! the rocket carrying a satellite to observe the earth lifted off from vandenberg air force base in california. the rocket went up but didn't separate. nasa expected to update the situation a few hours from now. harvard university and the navy signed an agreement this afternoon that will allow rotc back on campus for the first time since the vietnam war. right now, harvard students participating in the reserve officers training corps go next door to mit, the university says it will welcome the rotc program back now that congress voted to end the "don't ask, don't tell" policy in the military. there's always a hook, right? those are your
from muammar qaddafi's troops as they try to retake a city near tripoli. the u.s. moving naval forces closer to the country in case civil war breaks out and the european union slapping an embargo on the country. no-fly zone is still on the table. that's not keeping from laughing at calls -- at qaddafi at laughing at calls for him to resign. he spoke to abc news. >> the leaders of britain and other leaders are calling on you to step down, to leave libya, to leave your position of power. will you do that? >> [laughing] who would leave his homeland? why do i leave my homeland? >> is that a "saturday night live" skit? it's a joke, i know. >> it looked like one. >> qaddafi denied he's firing on his own people, that's no joke and blames the violence on al-qaida. the worst night over in the midwest where overnight rain, hail and tornadoes destroyed homes and lives. let's go out to chattanooga, tennessee. firefighters pulled an elderly man out from under his home after a tree collapses on it. his injuries luckily not life threatening but the news not so good in franklin county, tennessee,
:30 this afternoon for the 15 suspected pirates captured by the u.s. navy in the arabian gulf february 22nd. they're accused of killing four americans as the navy closed in on them. they were sailing around the world distributing bibles. >> a man became unsteady on his feet and tumbled on to the tracks moments before the orange line came racing towards him. immediately, commuters came over and hoisted him to safety. the man didn't appear hurt but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> senate finance committee chair max baukus angry that republican proposed budget cuts would affect medicare advantage. >> would eliminate private medicare coverage under medicare advantage. that is the effect of the -- of hr-1. please, let's don't cut medicare advantage payments. that is just not right thing to do. innocent seniors are getting caught in this crossfire here. sure, we have to begin to cut federal spending. there's no question about that. let's not be so fool hardy. >> fool hardy. maybe he should have taken that up with one prominent democrat who has been promising cuts to the program for year
as well. >> between 2009 and 2010, there's been 22 home grown jihadist inspired terrorist plots in the u.s. by u.s. citizens. you don't think this is worthy of a spotlight to examine, to hash out and bring forward where people in the muslim community can come forward and say this is the real deal? for example, there's a lot of muslims and people of the islamic faith who came forward and thwarted plots by picking up the phone and calling the f.b.i. and saying i've got some crazy guys in the midst -- in my midst here, might as well pull him over. that's what happened in oregon recently. >> that's right. peter king was on one of the chat shows yesterday and talked about, look, there are members of the muslim community who know things are happening and he cited an instance, i want to say in suffolk county where a guy went into a mosque or two and said i want to fight jihad and they talked him out of it but they never called the police. and that's what they really said they need, they need the coordination with the authorities. well, dennis mcdonnugh is the deputy security advisor, he was out a
that the u.s. finally got involved. the majority of americans believe that was the right move. i said last week, you can't criticize the president on that. it's the timing. it's the timing of this issue and then what was the full fledged mission down the road. and you start adding up now the costs, this is what i think is going to wake up america. do you know that already, this has cost us $1 billion? each one of those tomahawk missiles, 140 of them ohave bee used. $30 million a piece. that f-15 that crash landed $30 million. what about the united states starts arming the rebel? we're talking about billions of dollars here. we have an economic crisis on the home front. >> let's talk about somebody else. is there any doubt in our foreign policy when you look at people that are thorns in our side, it's iran and syria. for some reason, this administration has looked at the eye doctors and said he's a reformer. he's going to bring change. i can't see any change that's good. hezbollah has been financed. hamas has been financed. their allegiance with iran has never been stronger. now, something
watching hannity last night, it was revealed late in the day yesterday that unbeknownst to most u.s. senators apparently harry reid, nancy pelosi and obama hid $105 billion worth of appropriations inside that gigantic health care bill and nancy pelosi said we'll have to pass the thing to find out what's in it. we're finding out what's in it and it has prefunded itself for the next eight years. often times they pass bills and fund it later. it's not very often they do it this way. here she is. >> the bad news is obamacare is prefunded for the next eight years. the implementation. we thought if we can't repeal it, at least -- >> you can defund it. >> at least we can defund it. >> you cannot defund it. >> no, it's done. it's done! >> there's no way to remedy this? >> yes, there is. that's the good news. the good news is we've got this two-week continuing resolution. government runs out of money on march 18th. this is what we propose. we've written language to add on to the next continuing resolution that says obama, pelosi, reid, you give this money back. you didn't tell the americ
floated by officials to make us screen all letters that are being sent by the u.s. postal service. something like that would drive up the cost of security immensely so that's a way that you can really mess with the system even without executing a successful attack. >> david ross, thanks so much for your insightful analysis. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> i hope you're wrong. meanwhile, gretchen, steve, what do you got? >> thank you very much for asking. >> the orca that killed a trainer is back in action. he was greeted with wild applause. is this really a bad idea? a man who trained those animals says that animal could kill again and will. he'll join us. >> president obama wants us to all go green. take a look at what happened in one state when they tried to do it. yes, those are 3 x 5 foot solar panels on the street. the story coming up next. [ male announcer ] at e-trade, investing means taking action with professional-grade research. and some of the most powerful, yet easy to use trading tools on the planet. it's investing with intelligence and cold hard conviction. e-trad
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